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The following FAQs apply to North Coogee Beach house, Fremantle Colonial Home and Perth Urban Lodge, unless stated otherwise.

1.  What is the check-in and check-out time?

     Check-in time: 3pm
     Check-out time: 12pm
     Request for early or late check-in and check-out will depend on availability of the same day as we will require a few
     hours to clean the house for the next guest.

2.  Is this a single or double storey house? 

     North Coogee Beach House is a double storey townhouse built in 2014.
     Fremantle Colonial Lodge 1 is a single storey home.

     Fremantle Colonial Lodge 2 is on the ground floor of a new double storey home.
     Fremantle Colonial Lodge 3 is on the second floor of a new double storey home.
     Fremantle Colonial Lodge 4 is a single storey home.

     Perth Urban Lodge 1 is on the ground floor of a double storey home.

     Perth Urban Lodge 1 is on the second floor of a double storey home.

3.  Is this a bed and breakfast accommodation? Does the owner stay in the house?

     No, this is not a bed and breakfast accommodation and the owner does not stay in the house. You rent the entire

4.  How many people can stay in the holiday rental?

      Please refer to individual accommodation listing for this information.

5.   Can we rent the property and organise events / parties?

      No. Our holiday rentals are available for accommodation only.

6.   Are there any security measures at the property?

      Yes. There are survelliance cameras placed on the outside of the property and an one-time security code to access
      the property.

7.   Is there air-conditioner for cooling and heating? 

      Yes, all our homes either have reverse cycle air-conditioning or split air-conditioning with cooling and heating functions.

8.   Do you provide linens and towels? 


9.   Is parking free?

      Yes, we have two car bays for parking. For North Coogee Beach House​, cars can only be parked at the rear garage.
      Cars should always be parked within the house boundary and not on public road, verge or driveway.


10. Can i do laundry at the holiday rental? 

      Yes, we provide a washing machine.

11. How do we check-in?

      Once you have booked and paid for your accommodation, you will be issued with a security code to unlock the
      digital lock on the door. You can use the same code for your entire stay as the code changes with every booking.
      The host may also be present at check-in.

12. Is there public transport close by?


  • North Coogee Beach House is 66m away from the nearest bus stop on Orsino Blvd with Bus 825
    (Stop No. 26364).

  • Fremantle Colonial Home is 231m away from the nearest bus stop on South St with Bus 160, 998 & 999 (Stop No. 10551)

  • Perth Urban Lodge is only four houses away from the nearest bus stop on Findlay Road with Bus 516 going to Murdoch     

      train station and bus terminal in less than 5 mins (Stop No. 19998).

13. How can we get there from the Perth airport?

      It is highly recommended that you rent a vehicle from the airport or take a taxi for your holidays as the frequency of
      public transport is fairly limited. If you wish to travel by public transport, please plan your arrival or departure using
      the following websites -  Perth Airport Shuttle and Transperth.

      Please note that as public transport services vary during the day and night, it is important to plan your timing with the
      public transport schedule.

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